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A sense of longing is felt
Guiding my soul to follow the path
To my memories.
Muted saxophones play
Leading my mind astray
Down that smoky
Road to the past--
Back beyond this moment in time
To recollections of days gone by.

Faded photographs greet my wandering eyes
Creased and worn--
Reflections captured in pieces
Parts of my life in retrospect
Life preserved in stillness
Motion forever frozen in time.

But as I gaze down at the pictures
The scenes come alive,
Playing out in splendorous color:
Dreams of Youth
Proud Achievements
Love, Marriage, Good Times
A First Embrace or
A Gentle Smiling Face
Joy Preserved.
Moments of a life well-lived
With those I love and
Those who love me.

My mind's eye beholds these thoughts
And for a moment the reminiscence becomes reality
Brightening my very soul and
Illuminating the remembrance
Until my heart takes flight.

Holds this captured joy
Like a fragile butterfly:
Poised one moment, in flight the next.
It recedes into the distance,
Taking with it the souvenirs of my past.
But I feel no sadness
For in beholding the departing dream
I am rejuvenated
Young at heart
And enamored with the spirit
That is this world.

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