Welcome to GyngerT, home of The Mercurial Press. As my slogan goes, the only thing constant about me is change.

On these pages you will find Fiction -- for now just fan fiction based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Forever Knight Universes. In the next little while I hope to dust off some of my original fiction based on the characters and universe I have been tending these last three decades.

You'll also find some Poetry. Some poems are new and were written especially for photos taken by my great good friend Syrenemyst. A link to her photography site can be found on my Links page. With her permission, I hope to include those photos that are partnered with my poetry, so keep an eye on this space. Some poems are quite old and were written when I had time to actually be creative.

I'd be well-pleased if you would visit my own Gallery here on the site. I am only an amateur photographer, but an avid student of the art. The photos range from family, friends and vacations to more artful shots from around my hometown, the fabulous New York City. If I can convince an illustrator friend of mine to contribute, you might also find some original art in this section.

Look to the News section for additions, changes and sometimes deletions from this site. You will also find some news about me, my hometown or my interests. Occasionally, you may be subjected to a rant or a rave.

The Links page contains a select list of sites I find particularly useful or just plain enjoyable -- plus the shameless plug for my friends' sites and our world-famous site over at Trinity of Iniquity: The AngelGuide.

And of course, feel free to click the Contact link to let me know what you think. I'll be very happy to hear from you, although I can't promise to answer right away. After all, a gal's gotta sleep.

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