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Jealousy Like Fire

A parent is supposed to want what's best for his child.

A parent is supposed to want for his child what he couldn't have for himself.

A parent is supposed to want his child to be everything he couldn't be, so that each generation improves upon the last.

A parent is supposed to be able to sacrifice his own wants and desires in order to put his child's wants and needs first. Some sacrifices just aren't worth it.

Looking down on Connor and Cordy, fire between the sheets with fire falling from the sky, and jealousy like fire burning in my veins, the only thing I wanted was to rip my son from the place where I belong.

Or maybe I don't belong anywhere. Maybe I've succeeded in giving my child everything I had, imbued him with everything I am, sacrified all I once enjoyed, so that he may live.

Sometimes a parent is envious of his child.

Sometimes a parent resents his child for all that he has.

Sometimes a parent wants to live the child's life and to hell with the consequences.

Sometimes a parent is just a man.

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