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The Winding River

He and I are of different worlds-
I, from among the stars
He, a child of earth.
Our paths could never intercept
Nor ever run parallel.
Forever we will be apart,
Not quite touching, but loving.

My heart strains against the hurt,
But I know my duty:
My People come first.
Being Princess of most of Known Space
Leaves little time for being a woman;
There will be even less when I am Queen.

I watch the changing scene from my balcony window,
Surrounded by people, but alone.
My thoughts go out to he whom I love;
And although he is untrained,
I can feel his mind reach out to me.

The stars twinkle in the night sky-
Their beauty is indescribable.
But gladly would I give this up if I could.
It is not to be.

A slight breeze touches the trees
And their branches shake as if a giant hand
Were softly caressing their leaves.
A small gently flowing river winds its way
Over moonlight shaded, peach-colored hills.
As I think of my love, I realize the river is my tears
And the peach-colored hills
The saddened contours of my cheeks.

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