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This Island Earth

"I do not believe you humans! You have this lovely gem--this shining jewel in the black velvet of outer space. And what do you do? You seek to destroy it. You have been blessed with the fullness of life, yet you seek the emptiness of death. Why?

"You above all are blessed by He Who is Most Honered in the Universe. You were given lands and waters of this great planet to help feed and house you. What do you do? You pollute. You were given the potential to succeed and survive. You were given the potential to improve life. Yet, you use your knowledge as an instrument of destruction. You bend lies into cunning half-truths in order to deceive each other. You were given the capacity for love, yet you hate all you do not understand--all that is different. And greatest of all, you were given each other: to love and cherish and nurture. But what do you do with all these advantages? You ignore them or twist them to your evils.

"Do you know that no peoples in this entire universe would colonize on Terra? This is the only planet that pretends civility while holding a slim dagger behind its back.

"You, above all planets, have the capacity for great good. You can yet mold yourselves into a truly civilized world. Why? And how? Because you are a baby of a world. And by loving and caring for each other.

"You each have a place in the cosmic play. You can make the difference. So, do not condemn what you do not understand. Ask and learn. Do not seek to destroy what is different. Accentuate the similarities. Reduce your fears. Explore the inner mind and not the outer body.

"And most of all, care for this planet; it is yours and the only one you are likely to have. Remember: this shining jewel is yours. So protect and do not destroy This Island Earth!"

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