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The Joining

I reach out my mind to thee
For thou art my soul
You be my other self, my balance of power
We fit together as if we were one
Indeed, we are one.
Our minds flow together
We know each others' fears, loves, hopes, dreams.

Thee and I merge and my heart takes flight
We combine and my body knows a height
It has never known before

We are two who are one soul, one mind, one heart
To thee then I pledge these things:
My soul, free of guilt
My mind, free of doubt
My heart, free of pain
And from thee dost I expect the same.

I will protect thee as if thou wert myself
For thou art.
I will know thee as I know myself
For, again, thou art.
I will be thee as thou art me
And the same will I accept from thee.

We join
We pair
We mingle
Our individuality preserved
But within a duality

To thee I say these words,
Let them be felt.
For thine is the candle
To which I am drawn
And always shall be
Dawn after dawn.

My life is entwined with thine
And it encircles your life
As string winds round a spool.

My life encircles thine
And it entwines with your life
As vines wind round a tree.

As it was at the dawn of time
We are joined.

As it will be at the dusk of time
We shall stay joined.

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