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Soaring on the Winds

Lying on my back
I stare up into the clear blue sky
Watching the birds soaring on the thermals
Under the hot morning sun.
It brings me peace, a peace never before felt.

Maybe a distant life calls to me from the past--
A past of soaring on the air currents
Letting the warm zephyrs waft me higher,
Soothing my ruffled feathers as they lift me gently towards the sun.

My mind soars, surpassing its earthbound limits
Rising to heights above trifling problems--
Beyond petty cares.
I lose myself among the clouds,
Their many shapes surrounding me, comforting me.

The wind dies down and I realize
My spirit must descend to take its rightful place
Within its earthly confines
Only waiting for that glorious moment
When again my soul can be free
To shed the restricting bounds
And send it soaring--
Soaring on the winds!

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