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Raindrops fall on the cobblestones
Making the gray stones all slick and wet.
A lonely lamp pours out its light,
And the street below reflects the hazy, orange glow.
It looks like it must have looked to Dorothy
Dark in places
Light in others
Could it be a path to the sun?

All my life I have watched the rain.
It has soothed my mind during troubled times.
All those years I had been searching for my own path to the sun--
To think it was always as close as the street below
Is unsettling, but somehow comforting.
How many more of my goals lie about me--
Half-hidden by Nature
And yet, half-revealed?

Perhaps that is why I am drawn to the rain:
It hides the future from my sight.
But there is hope:
Lightning gives me brief insights as to my Destiny;
And comfort flows from the lonely streetlamp,
As a fire offers warmth on a stormy night.

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