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The Never-Ending Circle of Life

When I look through all my memories and feelings,
I see and understand that my life is lived through limitations.
I know what I want, what I need
But ever will I know that I am tied down
Limited not by the body, but by the imagination

Knowledge is fleeting, and the more you know
The more you realize you will never have it all.
Onmiscience is like one individual compared to the universe.
The enormity of it is thrilling; it is challenging.
But, still there is a desperation--a grasping at straws.

All beings strive for total knowledge.
What no one realizes is that omniscience is more
A burden than a blessing.
Self-knowledge is more important: "To think own self be true."

How long will people ramble through life--
Trying to know everything external
Without bothering with the internal?

People wander through life with many companions--
But are lonely.
Realization is not coming:
To know others you must first know yourself.
To know yourself, you must learn that you will always be limited.
To be limited is the curse of mankind,
But also the blessing.

Limitation evokes challenge--
Challenge breeds life--
Life centers on limitation.
A never-ending cycle--never static--always moving,
Forcing mankind to strive ever upwards,
Reaching and growing and ever-evolving;
For challenge never killed a race, only the lack of it.

Images of reality dance through my mind
But this I know:
Reality is but an illusion
Used by Nature
To constrict imagination
And restrain growth.

But ever will I strive with mankind
To reach the zenith of knowledge
And self-realization
To become one with the universe
As the sun and the gentle winds combine
To burn away the clouds of ignorance
And blow the fog from the minds of mankind.

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