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Moments of Dawn

All is quiet.
No creature stirs.
No breeze disturbs the silence of
Nature holds Her breath as if waiting
For a glorious surprise

The trees stir
Disturbing the differing shades of
Leaves tremble in anticipation of
The sun spreads its tendrils to the awaiting life below
Searching, seeking
For the dark corners left behind by night
Bathing dewy droplets of water in brilliance
Warming the chill air of evening
And burning the haze from the tops of the trees.

Colors spread in riotous abandon
Over all the Earth
Leaving a rainbow to mark its passing:
A slender ribbon of delicate hues--
Of pinks and blues.

Birds stir into the air
Following the cotton candy path
To the ends of the Earth,
Their songs describing the beauty they see
With eloquence.
All is in tune in the world,
One glorious family
Blending sound, scent and scene
With Nature
As She is renewed, reborn and refreshed.

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