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Like Tears from a Star

Part Three

Nick was still wired when he arrived home that night. The scent of Lori's blood lingered in his nostrils, and the warmth of her fingers left a ring of fire around his wrists. Although Nick had prepared for bed, he just couldn't sleep with the moon still hanging in the sky. Rising from a tangle of sheets, he padded silently to the stairs. He leaned over the red railing to survey the loft. The moonlight coming through the skylight tinged his blond hair blue. Nick ran his fingers through his hair, as if trying to dislodge the moonlight stored there.

His body remembered the feel of Lori's hands as they kissed, how she played with the wisps of hair at the nape of his neck. Her touch gave him chills yet set him aflame at one and the same time. Her fantasy hands felt so real he could swear she was there in the loft with him. Nick closed his eyes, and breathed in. Lori's scent clung to his shirt and whenever he moved the tantalizing aroma that defined her wafted into his flaring nostrils and sent him reeling. The longing hit him like a physical blow and he clung to the railing for support.

His eyes popped open but Nick saw nothing but an inner vision. In his mind's eye, Nick padded along the corridor and stood with arms spread wide. Lori followed in his wake and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. Her nipples hardened to peaks as they touched the cool expanse of his back. The vampire turned her in his arms, his eyes raking her, razing her, setting her legs a-trembling. She looked so fetching in naught but his pajama bottoms. He dropped gracefully to his knees, his lips nibbling a trail to the ties at her waist. Taking the knotted end in his teeth, Nick pulled slowly, loosening the bow an inch at a time.

The silk slithered to the floor with a sigh. Lori reached down and buried her fingers in his hair. It was so soft, and she loved the feel of it.

The young mortal soon forgot all but the sensations coming from the very core of her, as Nick placed a delicate kiss low on her belly, then another lower, and yet one more lower still, until his lips caressed her most private parts. Lori shivered, but pulled his head even more firmly against herself, urging this infiltration, wanting it and needing it in every fiber of her being.

The sensations pouring from her, flooding into her, sapped her strength, and she had to grip the railing tightly or tumble backwards. And still his mouth worked its magic, his tongue dancing over her clitoris, his cool hands kneading the flesh of her thighs.

With a final, tender kiss, Nick leaned back and stood in one graceful movement. Lori's eyes were closed, and the breath rasped out of her throat unevenly. She would surely have fallen had Nick not swept her off her feet. He carried her, cradled in his arms, down the stairs and into the bathroom. Loathe to break contact, Nick stepped into the shower, holding Lori well out of the stream of water until the temperature was safe for her more fragile skin. He lowered her slowly, and Lori molded herself along the length of him, trapping his erection between them. The feel of his engorged penis against her stomach nearly pushed her over the edge, but she clung to the merest wisp of sanity.

The steam enveloped the lovers in a warm fog. Lori could see nothing, not even the hardened body which pressed sensuously against hers. The steam was thick, and the small lamp over the vanity cast a meager light, but she had not a care. Nick was in her arms, a tangible presence that she would not willingly relinquish. She reached out to draw him closer, but it seemed he was of the same mind. His arms crushed her to him with a fierce, yet tempered, strength, and his mouth plummeted to capture hers.

Lori snaked a hand between their slick bodies, and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Nick groaned and released her lips. He murmured encouragement in her ear, and she backed away slightly, then took him inside of her. A ragged sigh of pleasure escaped Lori as she arched back, supported by a strong arm.

This is what she wanted, to feel this fullness again, this completeness. The sensations ripping through her slender frame were beyond words, beyond thought. This joining was a culmination of all her desires.

Lori felt every thrust as if it penetrated her very heart. Her body burned as though she danced in flames, or her blood was molten lava. The water beat down on the couple, heating Lori even further, yet the points where their bodies met remained icy, like a campfire laid upon snow.

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