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Elemental, My Dear Angel


He was in her way, again. And new her or not, something had to be done.

"You know, maybe you'd be more comfortable in a bachelor pad," Cordelia suggested, trying to keep the exasperation out of her tone.

Angel said nothing, but the look on his face spoke volumes.

"Listen," Cordelia continued, "I understand now why you wigged when I stayed with you. We're just not meant to share the same space for such a long period of time...or even a very short time." She hooked a thumb at Wesley, getting his attention. "It's book boy's turn."

"M-my turn?"

Two pairs of eyes fastened on the flustered ex-Watcher. "Of course, my turn." And his tone just barely held conviction. "The best for all parties concerned, I dare say," he nattered on, trying for all the world to believe the truth of his own words. He turned to Angel. "Yes, well, gather your things and we'll be off," Wes said gamely.

Angel raised an eyebrow but slipped into his duster and scooped up the Scrolls without commenting. Cordelia produced a compact cooler on a strap which Angel wordlessly accepted and hoisted to his shoulder. The rest of his "things" had been reduced to so much rubble, as Wesley knew first-hand, so there really was nothing to say. Wes gathered up a few pertinent books, leaving the rest piled neatly on the dining table. Their research library had been nearly decimated, but Wesley and Angel had managed to rescue a few important volumes that had miraculously survived the explosion unscathed. As Cordelia's apartment was the larger of the two surviving apartments, her place became the new temporary headquarters. Temporary because -- of course -- they would rebuild or find a new place soon. Cordelia had already contacted David Nabbit. The coals of destruction were barely cold when she called the software mogul and pled their case. But the rebuilding and restocking would take time. Meanwhile, there were still the hopeless to help, so Cordelia's apartment had become, in her own words, demon central.

So it was with a great amount of relief (that tact stuff took a lot out of the new her) that Cordelia ushered the two men in her life out the door. She closed it with a resolute thunk, the lock snicking closed just as decisively; it seemed Dennis was happy at their departure as well.

"It's just you and me, kid," Cordelia quipped to the empty air, a smile on her face. The light in the foyer blinked in agreement.

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