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Ah! Youth

How great it would be if all the world could see
Through the eyes of the young.
The innocent experiences:
The simple joys of a butterfly's frenzied flight;
The soft whisper of a summer breeze;
Or the gentle laughter of a gurgling stream.
All these things and more would be savored with
Unbridled gaiety and infinite joy.

Yet growth must come
Else life would be a stagnant pool:
Static; lethargic; pathetic.

But there is bright spot of hope:
For locked inside every adult is the child
Who sees the world as a new and idyllic place:
The child who can marvel at the
Dazzling brilliance of the summer sun, or the
Sparkling power of a rushing waterfall
And imagines how to harness their power.

And maybe this childlike quality,
This inner stronghold of innocence,
Is the salvation that mankind has relied on throughout the ages.
Salvation that has existed all along
Like a winged presence fluttering on the edges of reality
Inspiring mankind ever upward to a higher plane
Where revelry abounds
And the pursuit of youthful endeavors
Becomes the golden rule.

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